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July 05, 2008


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The nice thing about being past bad things is that the times to come must be better.


omg. That sounds harrowing. F Indiana! Keep biking towards that big spinach salad that is Seattle!
Yippee! You are awesome!


and another thing. Pictures! I want to see your skinny, joyner-kersee self.


Bravo Ladies!
One third of the way DONE. I bet you can smell Seattle from there. (Seattle smells a lot like hiney lotion).
So impressed.
So proud.
So much love.


Mayor of Corgiville

Jeez, for a second i thought i was reading an advertisement by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce :-)

Glad to hear that is behind you!

Cycle on - safe travels.

Mayor of Corgiville


yeah, indiana pretty much sucks. i think we have a quorum.


proud hoosier here. there's lots and lots of spinach in indiana. you just have to know where to look. (plus other cool stuff, including big hills). but you are right about the lack of shoulder. it's dangerous!

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